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About Translingodirect

I represent a company specializing in translation services and I am a sworn translator. My passion for languages ​​and precision in translations make me a trusted partner of many clients. It offers a wide range of written and interpreting services, serving a variety of fields, from business to science. I work with flexibility and adaptation to the client’s needs in mind, and my experience guarantees high quality and effectiveness in each project. I am ready to meet even the most demanding linguistic challenges, providing comprehensive translation services for individual and business clients.

Gniewosz Mikulski

is a renowned translator, known for his commitment to language and communication. With extensive experience in a variety of fields, he offers precise and nuanced translations in the German-Polish-German language combination. As a sworn translator since 2009, he pays the greatest attention to the accuracy and confidentiality of each translation.

Its ability to quickly adapt to customer needs, combined with flexibility, makes Gniewosz a valued partner for both companies and individuals. His work is the fruit of a deep passion for languages ​​and cultures, which is reflected in the high quality of his translations. With Gniewosz Mikulski by your side, language barriers are not an obstacle, but a bridge to new opportunities.